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Sadhana Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Mr.Viresh Jain

(Founder and Chairman)

Mr. Jain’s journey has been of values, ambition, success, and hard work. He is a Commerce Graduate, a natural leader with a unique business sense and a carries an entrepreneurial streak since his early years.

He comes from a family, which was by in large, an agriculturist for over 100 years. He has vast experience of management of 25 years+ in the areas of agriculture, farming, trading, agriculture commodities, and grains, etc.

His quest began with the dream for a larger canvas. He started exploring the opportunities in the field of Automobiles dealerships, Electronic dealerships, Textiles, Real Estate etc. With a clear vision and objective to establish a world class manufacturing facilities he setup Sadhana packaging in 2010. We started our commercial production from December 2012.

Today, the company is well equipped with world-class manufacturing facilities and technology and has double its manufacturing capacity since its birth. For Mr.Jain work has become his passion and a hobby. His determination, leadership qualities, and a holdover his staff influences and has become an inspiration for the young generation. Under his leadership, the company continues to prosper and keeps the family values in the business. His strong commitment to society has been the driving force behind the social and welfare programs undertaking by the company.